Innovative Business IT Solutions

Technology can be economically challenging for your small to medium-sized business. Tech innovations come and go at lightning speed. Cutting-edge systems and devices quickly give way to the next big thing. West Hartford IT Services give your business flexible options. You get technology that stays up-to-date without incurring the customary costs.

Expanding Your Local IT Options With Quality Solutions

More than ever, local businesses rely on technology to bring customers to their door. You need tech tools to market your brand, chart your growth, and increase employee efficiency and productivity. Potential customers want easy access through interactive portals. Connectivity and flexibility are critical to your thriving business, but it all comes at a price.

West Hartford IT Services are changing the local business technology dynamic. Experienced West Hartford IT Services consultants evaluate your system and assess your technology needs. Our technicians complete on-site installations. Tech specialists monitor your system remotely, implement security, and provide 24/7 support. You choose the right tech solutions for your company for a manageable monthly fee.

Change your small business IT dynamic. Enhance your technology without increasing your costs

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Managed IT Services

With an unlimited IT budget, your company could live the technology dream. You could buy cutting-edge technology, implement high-tech security and system controls, and hire a full-time IT staff. You could delegate your IT concerns and never worry about downtime. If this isn’t your small business reality, you still have options. Managed West Hartford IT Services can implement a virtual technology upgrade. We provide cloud services, system monitoring, security, 24/7 support, and more. Managed IT Services give you a virtual infrastructure and tech staff upgrade for a manageable monthly fee.

Cloud Services

The West Hartford IT Services cloud platform provides a secure computing environment that changes the way you perform everyday tasks. When we migrate your business data to the cloud, you gain the flexibility and scalability you require. Your virtual infrastructure supports your processes, apps, and data. Authorized users access your cloud environment from any connected device. Your system evolves with you. With West Hartford IT Services, you won’t have to buy new technology to accommodate your growing business.


West Hartford IT Services VoIP gives you the phone back up option you need when disaster shuts down your phone line. Your online presence has changed the way you communicate with customers but they still want to reach you by phone. We help you keep the lines of communication open with hosted Voice Over Internet Protocol service through Amazon Elastic Cloud Compute (EC2). VoIP gives you a reliable back up phone system with 24/7 access.

Local IT Services

Network & Security

When cybercriminals want your business data, they find unique ways to get it. Your network security strategy must employ that same tenacity and creativity. West Hartford IT Services security options prevent criminals from accessing your data. Our tech experts evaluate and assess your IT system strengths and vulnerabilities. We develop a customized security strategy that may include a managed firewall, unified threat services, increased system controls, a VPN secure internet connection, and other options.

Residential Automation

When you come home, you deserve comfort, entertainment, and freedom from mundane tasks. West Hartford IT Services residential automation caters to your needs. Our technicians install high-end home solutions from Lutron, Bang & Olufsen, and other elite designers. You can control your environment and enhance your leisure moments with automated lighting and window treatments, customized internet, high-tech surveillance, security, and home entertainment systems. We also integrate connected appliances, sensors, and other home comfort devices into your network.

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