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VoIP Solutions

The key component to any successful business is reliable communication- without it, operations slow and growth stalls. Grey Matter VoIP offers a cloud-based system that ensures your company maintains consistent phone service even when traditional lines fail or become inaccessible. Not only does this keep productivity levels high during outage periods, but also provides cost savings all year long! Ensure the success of your enterprise with secure and dependable backup Voice Over Internet Protocol from Grey Matter VoIP today.

Maintaining Uptime

With Grey Matter VoIP, your business can consistently maintain reliable connectivity – no matter what. Hosted in the cloud by Amazon EC2 and powered by 24/7 support, this cost-effective system is perfect for unpredictable scenarios when traditional landlines might not come through. Security conscious businesses may find solace knowing their phone service is hosted on an industry leader’s servers; giving you peace of mind that communication won’t be interrupted or compromised during times of emergency.

Solutions for Growth

Grey Matter’s cloud-based phone system is the perfect solution for any business, from start-up to enterprise. With Grey Matter’s flexible cloud platform, you can grow your team as large as you want without changing your phone system and without worrying about costly upgrades or migrating to a new provider.

With VoIP phone services, you’ll get:

  • Conferencing and collaboration that’s easy to use, both inside and outside your company
  • One affordable monthly bill for voice and data services
  • Mobile and remote workers can stay connected with forwarding features
  • Integration with email, fax, and teleconference systems for added convenience
  • Intelligent call distribution for businesses that experience high call volume

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VoIP systems are no longer just for big businesses.

Grey Matter’s VoIP services are perfect for any business, regardless of size. With our scalable and customizable systems, we can quickly get you up and running on the latest VoIP technology.

You’ll be able to communicate more effectively with clients and coworkers with all of the features that come standard with our VoIP services. Plus, video conferences and visual voicemail make it easy to keep in touch with people who matter most to you.

Discover how VoIP services can scale your business.

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