Cutting-Edge Surveillance & Security Services For Your Connecticut Home & Business

When you’re responsible for watching over the people and property you value, our innovative surveillance and security solutions give you a technical advantage. Whether you require home or business monitoring and protection, our high-end equipment will upgrade your security strategy and meet or exceed your expectations.

Home and Business Security With a High-Tech Advantage

If your home, family, and business security are at stake, you can’t afford to take anything for granted. Grey Matter surveillance and security systems enhance and upgrade your existing security strategies. Our high-tech systems monitor your properties and restrict access to vulnerable areas. Digital video produces accurate eye-witness event imaging.

Our consultants work with you to identify home or business vulnerabilities. We customize a surveillance and security solution that considers your property’s unique layout and specifications. Our technicians install leading security technology, high-quality intercoms, and advanced access control systems. Your system will deter criminal acts and document any unauthorized activities.

Reduce criminal activity with cutting-edge surveillance & security that you control from a user-friendly console.

Learn more about our innovative surveillance and security systems.

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CTA Assessment

The FBI says there is a burglary every 15 seconds
Police only catch one out of 10 burglars
Fire Alarm Association determined property crime averages above 75 percent of all crime. (Source)

Grey Matter’s Managed Surveillance & Security Services

  • Expert installations

  • Video Surveillance

  • Access control systems

  • Intercom systems

  • 24/7 support

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