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We install computer networks and high-end AV systems for your home

Grey Matter’s Luxury Residential Automation is our revolutionary service that provides consumers with seamless integration of connected devices within their homes.

This takes many forms depending on the client’s needs, and often includes lights, stereos, window shades, computer networking equipment, and home theaters. We partner with Lutron, Bang & Olufsen and a few other partners to offer an unrivaled experience for high-end luxury residential clientele in NYC.

Enjoy high-end home furnishings that are installed
by experts and require little to no maintenance.

To whom it may concern, I can’t say enough. When it comes to custom perfection you guys are it. Right down to my shades automatically going up and down in the morning based on how much sunlight enters the room to the speakers that are not visible to the eye because they are completely hidden behind the walls. Your work is nothing but a masterpiece and keep on making a great conversation for our entertainment.

TIM L., West Village, NYC
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