Innovative Strategies & IT Support Solutions for Connecticut Businesses

Grey Matter IT Support helps you close the gap between your business goals and your technological capabilities. Our consultants evaluate your systems, software, and processes. We work with your staff to develop the most beneficial tech and IT support strategies for your Connecticut business.

IT Support & Consultation Services
Focusing on Now and the Future

What you don’t know about technology can slow your company’s progress when you should be thriving. If you’re like many small businesses, your IT focus considers what’s going on here and now. Grey Matter IT consultants stay abreast of current and pending innovations and those still on the drawing board.

When our IT consultants partner with your staff, we help you develop a big-picture look at what your IT future could be. Our tech team assesses your hardware, software, and security. We recommend solutions to help you meet business goals, maintain your competitive edge and minimize current and future risks.

Focus on future strategies that move your business forward.

To learn more about IT Support services for your small to medium-sized business.

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CTA Assessment

78% of people purchase a brand or service because of support interactions
93% of people who feel satisfied with how technical support resolved their problems feel this way because they feel trusted and valued
Only 16% of customers have near-perfect resolution experiences (Source)

Grey Matter’s IT Support & Consulting Services

  • Business Assessment
  • Vendor Management

  • IT Security Patch Updates

  • 24/7 Remote and On-Premises Support

IT Support
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