Flexible high-speed internet solutions for your Connecticut business

Business internet service isn’t optional when you’re trying to grow your Connecticut business. Whether you run a manufacturing, governmental, agricultural, sales, or service operation, you rely on the internet to connect you to the world. Grey Matter consultants explain your business internet options and help you decide the best plan for your unique business.

Maximum Productivity Powered by
High-Speed Business Internet

When you value employee workplace productivity, high-speed business internet is not a frill. It’s a fundamental enterprise tool that allows you to conduct business when, where, and how you choose. A consistent internet connection is essential for live customer and marketing interactions. It enables uninterrupted data, conferencing, and video streams.

Our consultants work with you to customize a service that’s compatible with your business. We install business internet with speeds that expedite your cloud-based processes, internal and external communication, and consumer-driven interactions. You can complete large data transmissions without disruption or conduct live video conferences with associates around the globe.

Grey Matter Business Internet for customizeable, reliable, high-speed performance

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File sharing and media streaming are responsible for more than 50% of the traffic on the web
YouTube uploads 72 hours of video every single minute. Yes, it is mostly people’s pets.
Google users average nearly 3 billion searches per day. (Source)

Grey Matter’s Business Internet Services

  • Broadband Internet

  • Ethernet

  • Wireless Broadband

  • T1 Business Internet

  • Business DSL Service

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