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Private education is a competitive space that must constantly evolve to meet student needs. Grey Matter IT can provide robust technology solutions so your faculty and staff can focus on what’s most important – your students.

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Connecting Technology to the Learning Experience​

Technology has become an integral part of the educational experience. Smart boards, interconnected devices, wireless networks and smart safety systems are the expected norm. Meeting, and exceeding, the expectations of students and parents requires time and specialized skill sets. Your institutional reputation is tied to how well your technology can deliver on the evolving demands of premiere education.

The most comprehensive IT solutions for private education

Grey Matter IT provides comprehensive solutions for Learning Management Systems (LMS), Internet of Things (IoT), networking, and security in the private education space. We understand how competitive private education is, and that parents and students expect the best when making a choice in education. We can provide robust full offerings, or tailor supplemental technology to augment existing staff and solutions. 

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Building a technology roadmap for your institution

Private education requires a level of flexibility in IT support that transcends other IT sectors. Grey Matter will work with your institution to define a technology roadmap with support that meets the unique needs of your students, faculty, and staff. Whether it’s connected classrooms and in-house device support, or cloud-based services and high speed network connectivity, we ensure reliable IT infrastructure is ready for each school day.

Grey Matter also provides a number of FERPA compliant security offerings, so you can rest assured that sensitive student data is protected and available at a moment’s notice. We’ll work with you to establish high security standards and protocols for your Student Information Systems (SIS) and connected mobile devices both in, and out of the classroom.

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Education is a constantly evolving landscape with increasing technology needs and challenges. Grey Matter provides robust educational IT solutions at competitive pricing, so faculty and staff can leverage that technology for better overall student outcomes.

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