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The healthcare industry is evolving daily, and keeping up with technology is a major challenge. Systems and devices are more interconnected, and maintaining these, along with staying compliant, demands time and resources. Grey Matter can help.

Keeping you HIPPA Compliant

The Internet of Things (IoT) is changing everything. Devices and HIS’s are more integrated than ever. Patients and providers want easy access to records and data through secure portals. Keeping these systems maintained for constant availability, as well as evolving HIPAA compliance needs requires large amounts of resources with specialized skill sets. Balancing these increased costs with providing high quality care and better patient outcomes can seem like an impossible task. That’s why it’s more important than ever that medical providers have a trusted IT partner. It’s why world renowned MD Paul Frank selected Grey Matter to plan, deploy, and manage all IT and telecom services for his practice.

Software, Infrastructure and Security​

Grey Matter will leverage decades of IT experience to design a tailored solution for your practice. We have established relationships with software services and providers and the skills to keep your systems running, secured, and compliant, so you can focus on providing care to your patients. With systems and data becoming more decentralized, it’s critical that your IT service provider.

Designed To Reduce Costs, Save Time And Improve Patient Care

Healthcare is facing unprecedented staffing challenges. It’s becoming more difficult to find and retain employees with the specialized skill sets the industry demands. Leaders need to focus their limited resources wisely to ensure they are spending on the right things to ensure the best quality of care. Grey Matter’s solutions are focused on ROI, and will free up time and resources in your organization to focus on your patient care, rather than the never ending race to stay on top of your IT requirements.

Partner With Us

Whether you need support for an enterprise EMR platform, or you’re looking to move your practice’s communication suite into the cloud to stay HIIPAA compliant, Grey Matter will be a reliable partner and help you achieve your goal.

Contact us and see how we can exceed your practice’s technology and compliance needs.

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