Marriott to Pay for Passports


In the wake of the massive data breach that compromised sensitive information of Marriott hotels guests, the company is offering to pay for passport replacements if they find that customers have been victims of fraud.  Marriott spokeswoman Connie Kim said the chances for criminals using passport numbers are very low, but they will be willing to cover the cost of replacing passports in cases where deemed necessary.

The attack could have impacted as many as 500 million Starwood Hotel customers over a four-year period and Marriott is working with law enforcement officials to determine exactly how many customers had information stolen from them.  The compromised data ranges from names and addresses to credit card and passport information.  It will take some time to determine the extent of the breach, but Marriott has implemented a process to aid it’s customers in assessing their vulnerability.

Beginning Friday, Marriott will send out notification e-mails to impacted customers, and has implemented a breach notification website with further information.  The company is also offering identity monitoring by WebWatcher for one year to anyone who thinks they may have been impacted by the breach.

What you should do


– Change your passwords immediately for all Marriott accounts and closely monitor them for any unusual activity.

– Review your credit and debit cards statements regularly and immediately report any unauthorized activity.

– If you believe your information might have been compromised in this attack, you can call their helpline at 877-273-9481.