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Manufacturing is more competitive than ever. Disruptive technologies, increasing demand, and supply chain challenges dominate the industry. To keep a competitive edge, you need a reliable technology partner who understands the needs of the industry.

Keeping You Operating 24/7

Grey Matter IT has decades of experience in the manufacturing sector. With experience supporting ERP applications, infrastructure, and networks with 24/7/365 requirements, we’ll ensure your operations stay up and running to meet customer demands. Working with a trusted IT partner will free up valuable resources that you can reapply and focus on business growth and increased productivity. Our tailored manufacturing solutions are efficient and scalable, and we offer services like disaster recovery and business continuity planning to ensure your technology is there when you need it, even when the unexpected happens.

A Technology Partner with a Manufacturing Mindset

We’ll work with you to create a comprehensive solution that meets your area of the industry. Whether it’s plastics, decking, or CNC, we’ve got you covered. We know margins are slim, and you need to see immediate returns on your investment. We also understand the challenges of keeping technology current while minimizing production downtime. Grey Matter’s top-tier customer service and support will ensure your technology is available, secure, and up-to-date, freeing up your staff to focus on core competencies like process improvement, supply chain management, and product innovation.

Seamless, Secure, Scalable

The cost of doing business is increasing. Grey Matter’s scalable technology solutions will give your organization the agility it requires to stay profitable. Gone are the days of installing, maintaining, and updating expensive equipment in localized data centers. Our hosting services can provide right-sized technology platforms that can grow (or scale back) as your needs change, without the excessive cost and downtime associated with traditional on-premise infrastructure.

Partner With Us

Partnership is critical to success in manufacturing. Grey Matter will be your trusted partner to support your technology, and align it to your strategic vision. Contact us today to start talking about how we can improve your efficiency, productivity, and help you stay ahead of the competition.

Partner with us and start increasing ROI on your technology.

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