Elevating Your Business IT Expectations

Technology can make a difference in how well your business succeeds in the local market. The right tech tools improve your brand, promote sales, deliver customers, and increase employee productivity. If you don’t have a dedicated IT team to accomplish these demanding tasks, Grey Matter Manchester IT Services give you the customized solutions your business need.

Flexible & Innovative Manchester IT Services

Business technology has a big job to do. You need the same functionality and flexibility that big businesses have but it must fit within your small to medium-sized business budget. Our Manchester IT Services help you master this technology vs budget balancing act.

Our tech consultants work with you to assess your needs and goals. We recommend a tech strategy that enhances your flexibility and grows with your business. Our skilled technicians install enhanced tech systems and implement monitoring, security, surveillance, cloud services, and 24/7 tech support options. You choose the services you need for a manageable monthly fee.

Let IT innovation free your mind and spur your business growth.

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Managed IT Services

Technology has the power to drive your business growth, but you need 24/7 functionality. Any server downtime can put a roadblock between you and your online customers. Tech issues can slow employee productivity and bring key business functions to a halt. If you’re like many small businesses you don’t have an IT staff. Any downtime puts you at the mercy of an overworked, on-call repair tech. Manchester IT Services gives you better options.

Our flexible managed services keep your system up and running. Manchester IT Services consultants assess your needs and help you choose solutions from our menu of flexible managed services. Our tech experts implement network monitoring, cloud services, security, 24/7 tech support, and essential productivity options. We can manage your system remotely and provide the services you need for a manageable monthly subscription rate.

Cloud Services

Cutting-edge technology delivers incredible computing flexibility, but it usually comes with a hefty price tag. Manchester IT Services Cloud Computing gives you the same flexibility without the costly infrastructure investment. Our technicians migrate your apps, processes, and data to our secure cloud platform. Your cloud infrastructure grows with your business and it’s accessible from any authorized connected device, anywhere. If a disaster destroys your on-site server, you cloud data backup helps you continue with business as usual.


Manchester IT Services VoIP system provides a reliable phone back up so your customers can always reach you. Technology has changed the way consumers connect with small local businesses. They find you online but they still want to call you before they visit your location. Manchester IT Services VoIP hosts reliable economical phone service through Amazon Elastic Cloud Compute (EC2). When a disaster or human error disables your phones, VoIP keeps you connected with 24/7 phone access.

Network & Security

Manchester IT Services Network & Security options protect your vital business data. Hackers and cybercriminals see your business IT as a target. They steal your customer’s information, infect your system with viruses and malware, and find new ways to use your data for moneymaking scams. Manchester IT Services technicians implement a network security strategy that protects your system and keeps it safe.

Residential Automation

Manchester IT Services designs home automation solutions that enhance your comfort and control. We install high-end accessories and systems from Lutron, Bang & Olufsen, and other innovative designers. Our technicians automate your window treatments and lighting systems. We customize internet, AV, home entertainment, and security systems and integrate your connected appliances, sensors other devices.

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