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Grey Matter’s experts will transform the way your firm works, using the latest in secure cloud offerings for case management, trial presentation, and billing. See how we can help bring your firm into the future of legal work.


Freeing up resources to help your firm run better

Running a legal practice has never been more challenging. Meeting the needs of your clients requires time, effort, and dedication. Growing firms need to manage increasing expectations of both their clients and employees. Remote work has presented new challenges that the legal sector has been slow to adapt to. The traditional ways of managing IT infrastructure and technology consume valuable resources that would be better spent on your caseload. Grey Matter IT provides comprehensive IT consulting and a suite of cutting-edge technology solutions for the legal sector.

We can provide full-service IT support 24/7, as well as efficient billing systems and secure cloud services that will free up time and financial resources compared to traditional in-house IT solutions that require the manpower and time to maintain and keep up-to-date. Those legacy systems also present a risk to your critical data. We provide secure cloud data storage so you can rest easy that even the most critical confidential information is protected and available whenever you need it. Grey Matter has experience with industry leading trial presentation, and case management offerings such as Needles, Sage Timeslips, and iManage. 

Tailoring technology to meet the needs of your firm

Grey Matter will work with you to modernize your operations and make use of technology to drive efficiency. Cloud backups, paperless offices, and the ability to do remote work are becoming the norm, and the legal sector is lagging behind in these critical work transformation areas. Our experts can determine the best technology investments and tailor the technology to meet the specialized needs of your firm.

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Comprehensive data protection and backup solutions

Remote work also presents new security challenges, and having limited IT support staff presents an increasing security risk. “Single points of failure” account for more data loss and security breaches than ever before. Grey Matter will provide comprehensive data backup, recovery, and keep your systems in line with the latest security and compliance regulations to ensure your firm has a strong IT security posture.

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Grey Matter IT provides comprehensive IT consulting and a suite of cutting-edge technology solutions for the legal sector. We help you increase productivity by streamlining processes, enhancing communication between teams and clients, and improving collaboration.

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