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Organizations in the logistics industry face two challenges — to serve more customers over a long period of time and to acquire new suppliers at a faster rate. These require the ability to comply with trade regulations and adopt a more mobile inventory. In order to achieve that, you need solutions that manage and track fleets, warehouses, and staff.

Grey Matter’s IT solutions for transportation and logistics firms address mission-critical inefficiencies and allow you to focus on expedient service delivery. With comprehensive strategies and optimized IT, your organization will practically eliminate technology downtime and keep customers happier.

An optimized IT infrastructure will help you deliver the right goods to the right place, on time and in good condition.
Grey Matter
provide transportation solutions by:
  • Cut the costs of IT maintenance
  • Increase your bottom line with faster delivery times
  • Improve communication with staff who are always on the go
  • Ensure compliance with relevant industry regulations
  • Improve visibility and tracking

Dear GMT, We have been working with Grey Matter for almost 23 years now. I don’t think we have experienced more than a day of downtime in those 23 years. They have always been fair and even worked with us through hardships. It’s rare to work so closely with a vendor for so long and not experience the technical headaches I hear about elsewhere. Thank you for all of the years and solid support.

KEN Y., (Transportation) Connecticut