Lay the foundation of your IT-based future with installation and maintenance assistance from experts

We have spent the last decade tailoring technology solutions to the commercial & construction business in many ways.
Here are a few problem scenarios with solutions that demonstrate how the Grey Matter team can be a value to your business:

Problem: You are a contractor in New York City and you are looking for a technology company that will be there every step of the way and represent the company you own as if it was their own.


Providing technology services to both commercial & high-end residencies

  • Audio/Video
  • Security

  • Cabling

  • Automation Control such as Shade control, Audio, Heating & Cooling, Lighting & more

  • Technology Services and Installation

Problem: Ever wish you could watch your team on the jobsite from a live video feed while you are away? Or… Do you wish the next morning you had the ability to review video footage from the previous day/night?


Many GCs and formen don’t have time to watch their team onsite day to day. Maybe the foreman is out sick or you need to leave for another meeting. Transform your jobsite into a mobile security solution allowing general contractors, project managers and various trades the ability watch in real-time live video feed from the jobsite. Many jobsites have expensive equipment or parts delivered that no one is watching. Grey Matters 360 surveillance package monitors real-time and is recorded for the length of your project 24X7.

Problem: High End Residencies and Commercial buildings are headaches when it comes to cellular signal. Especially in Manhattan where steel construction is in plain sight. You are constantly walking around the next hallway or finding the nearest window just to get a signal and stay connected.

Solutions: We start by placing cellular antennas on the building roof top and install cabling into the lower floors while adding a signal booster on each floor. Each booster has antennas built in that are designed to register will all cellular providers and help amplify the signal to your mobile device so each call you make can stay connected.