Big Business IT Solutions for Your Small Business Budget

Your small to medium business could flourish if you had the cutting-edge technologies that big businesses take for granted. If you’re like many small companies, your IT budget won’t stretch to cover innovative technology trends. We’re committed to delivering a big business technology experience with affordable Hartford IT Services and tech solutions.

Delivering a Superior Small Business IT Experience

What’s on your small business technology wish list? With the right upgrades, your applications and processes would run more efficiently. Employees could access the productivity tools they need. Customer-facing portals would provide flawless interactions. Cybersecurity would never be an issue and your IT system would expand to accommodate your business growth.

Grey Matter Hartford IT Services has your tech list covered with innovative solutions and managed IT services. Our consultants help you choose the options that help you brand your business, serve your customers, and meet your goals. Our technicians implement innovative managed services that enhance your IT, computing, networking, and phone systems

Release your IT burden and run your business.

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Managed IT Services

Managed Hartford IT Services give you fresh technology options without a commitment to costly infrastructure upgrades. We make it simple for you to posess the tech tools and services your business needs. Our consultants begin with a system assessment and help you decide your current and future requirements.

Skillful technicians implement your solutions and integrate them into your existing IT environment. Managed Hartford IT Services include cloud services, security, system monitoring, VoIP, 24/7 support, and other key business IT solutions. We keep our managed services highly accessible by providing them for a manageable monthly fee.

Cloud Services

Hartford IT Services cloud platform gives you innovative computing benefits. We migrate your business applications, processes, and data to our secure cloud platform. Authorized users can access your data from any connected device anywhere in the world. Your virtual infrastructure is flexible enough to grow along with your business. If your on-site server fails due to a malfunction or disaster, your cloud-stored data is always available to help you continue your business operations.


When new customers find you online, they will still contact you by phone before visiting your location. Your business phone is vital to establishing new consumer connections. Hartford IT Services VoIP phone systems give you the backup phone service you need when your line is unavailable. We host your VoIP service through Amazon Elastic Cloud Compute (EC2). When you need an emergency back up phone line your VoIP phone system is available 24/7.

Local IT Services

Network & Security

Cybercriminals won’t let you ignore your small business network security needs. When you fail to protect your IT system, they take advantage of your vulnerabilities and gain unauthorized access to your customer’s data. Hartford IT Services security solutions protect your system from inherent vulnerabilities and outside threats. We evaluate your security needs. Our technicians implement threat protection services, managed firewalls, remote monitoring, and 24/7 IT support for comprehensive systemwide protection.

Residential Automation

Hartford IT Services residential automation helps you create a relaxing controlled home. We partner with Lutron, Bang & Olufsen, and other incredible designers. We enhance your home with inspired audio, lighting, and entertainment systems.

Our skilled technicians install remote-controlled lighting and window treatments that respond to shifts in natural illumination. We upgrade your connectivity and security options with Hartford IT Services custom systems. Our skilled technicians integrate your connected appliances, sensors, and security devices into your network

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