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Provide better public service and meet increasing demands with more flexibility and capability. Grey Matter is ready to help you transform your government or public sector IT operations.

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Helping you leverage and support technology

Government and the public sector face a unique set of IT challenges. Aging systems and infrastructure, along with additional compliance requirements and a lagging adoption rate of new technologies have created difficult scenarios for many organizations to support their partners and customers. Grey Matter’s expertise in the government and public IT space will help you better leverage and support your technology, and provide improved outcomes for your employees, customers, and constituents.

Helping you transition workforce technology

Remote work, diminishing budgets, increased statutory and compliance regulations – these are just a few of the issues public sector IT has been tasked with facing in the modern technology landscape. Combined with aging network and system infrastructure, and in some cases, workforce attrition due to retirements, IT departments are being asked to take on more cutting edge and transformative work than ever before. Grey Matter’s experience in Cloud/SaaS offerings, cybersecurity, networking, and ERP can help you tackle these challenges head on while staying within budget.

We offer a range of solutions to assist with transitioning to a remote or partially remote (hybrid) workforce including hosted and cloud-based collaboration software, mobility solutions that empower remote work and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) for a co-located organization. 

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Tailoring solutions to keep your organization more agile

Grey Matter also brings a combined total of 225 years of networking and ERP expertise. We’ll leverage our skills with cutting edge technology to help you modernize your infrastructure or legacy ERP. We understand that government and public sector organizations often find change management challenging. Adoption rates of new technology and processes can be slow, and often require extended timelines. Legacy technologies such as mainframes, and applications written in languages like PHP and COBOL carry a heavy technology cost due to lack of support and required overhead. We’ll work with you to create end-to-end solutions that will fulfill the needs of your employees and customers, and exceed their expectations.

Whether you need assistance replacing a legacy application, supporting telecommunications with VOIP and e911, or fully modernizing your workforce’s remote collaboration capabilities, Grey Matter will work with you to tailor solutions that make your organization more agile, and better able to meet customer needs while navigating the additional rigor and requirements that government and public sector work demands. 

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The Public Sector is facing an IT transformation unlike any other.

It’s time to take your public sector IT operations to the next level. With more flexibility and capability, you’ll be able to provide better public service and meet increasing demands.

Grey Matter is ready to help you transform your government or public sector IT operations.

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