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Grey Matter offers a wealth of strategic IT solutions for financial partners and banking institutions. Providing tailored solutions with a focus on high-level customer support, Grey Matter can help protect financial and wealth data, customer information, while ensuring your organization has the competitive edge, and remains compliant with constantly evolving IT security standards and regulations.

The beauty of old technology.

Replace Aging Hardware

Aging hardware and overworked internal IT staff put you, and your customers, at increased risk of disaster and security breaches. Cybercrime is up 600% since the beginning of 2020, and small-to-medium businesses (SMB) in the financial sector are a prime target. Grey Matter can provide your bank or financial services company with industry-leading application, hardware, and infrastructure solutions and domain expertise that lets you focus on growing your business knowing your technology solutions are stable and secure with a trusted partner who is monitoring common cybersecurity threats 24/7/365.

Technology Adoption

Technology adoption has transformed the financial sector, and your customers have become more tech savvy. They demand access and a level of customer service that traditional banking systems and banking IT cannot provide. Grey Matter can work with you to design cutting edge, multi-channel solutions with leading industry partners that will keep you ahead of your competitors.

Get Ahead Of The Curve​

Grey Matter can also help to secure your bottom line by reducing costs and operational overhead associated with traditional IT infrastructure and support. We’ll work with you to design right-sized, scalable solutions that fit your budget and bring increased uptime and availability to your customers. It’s why institutions like Gateway Financial partner with us to manage their IT and telecom services,  nationwide. Let us manage your technology so you can focus on cash flow, talent acquisition, and growth management

Partner With Us

Grey Matter offers solutions for banks, credit unions, brokerages, and various other financial sector institutions. Contact us today and see how we can partner with you to provide a robust technology solution that fits your financial organization.

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