Flexible IT Solutions

Cutting-edge technology can be out of reach for a small to medium business but it doesn’t have to be. We believe that businesses thrive with the right tech tools, so we developed flexible IT solutions to give your business a technological advantage. We created affordable options that allow small businesses to experience big business tech benefits.

Upgrading Your Small Business IT Possibilities

If your business is growing despite your outdated technology, imagine how well you’d succeed with access to Farmington IT Services cutting-edge solutions. If you’re like many small to medium-sized businesses, your budget controls your technology, services, and applications. A small business budget can limit your online customer interactions and your employee productivity. Outdated technology can keep your company from thriving.

Farmington IT Services give you solid solutions so your business can access the technology it needs to thrive in your local market. We developed a menu of innovative solutions that help you meet your business goals. Our Knowledgeable consultants help you identify the technology enhancements that will work best with your business. Our skilled Farmington IT Services technicians implement hardware and virtual options that update your technology and keep your running strong.

Keep your business on track with time-saving innovative IT solutions.

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Managed IT Services

Technology changes so quickly. It’s not easy for a business owner to know what will meet their needs now and in the future. Our menu of managed Farmington IT Services helps make your decision easier. We’ve spent years developing critical IT knowledge. We’ve followed current and future trends and continue learning about advances still on the drawing board. When our consultants evaluate your IT system, they use what they’ve learned to understand and explain your best options and help you make the right technology choices. Managed Farmington IT Services include cloud services, security, surveillance, monitoring, 24/7 support, and other managed solutions.

Cloud Services

Farmington IT Services cloud computing gives you a flexible virtual environment that can adapt to meet your expanding business needs. We migrate your applications, processes, and data to your cloud infrastructure. You may access your system and collaborate on projects from any connected device in the world. If a disaster or human error damages your on-site server, your Farmington IT Services cloud platform data back up gives you immediate access to business data.


Even though your customers find you online, they still call your business phone to make initial contact. Our Farmington IT Services VoIP acknowledges your need for consistent phone service. When your usual phone system is disabled, Voice Over Internet Protocol gives you internet-based phone service. We host your service through Amazon Elastic Cloud Compute (EC2). Your back up phone system is always available when you need it.

Local IT Services

Network & Security

When cybercriminals access your customer’s personal data, it can compromise your business. Farmington IT Services provides security options to minimize the chance of criminal computer invasion. Our experts evaluate your IT system and pinpoint any vulnerabilities in your security. We help you decide the best solutions for your business, including managed firewalls, unified threat services, remote system monitoring, secure internet connections, and other custom security options.

Residential Automation

Farmington IT Services residential automation gives you a welcoming coming-home experience. We install audio, entertainment, and lighting solutions by Lutron, Bang & Olufsen, and other high-end designers. Our technicians install automated lighting and window treatments. We upgrade your tech and security options with Farmington IT Services custom internet, surveillance, and home security systems. We also integrate connected appliances, sensors, and other home comfort devices into your network.

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