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Grey Matter’s deep security expertise will ensure your organization’s IT security posture is in line with the latest industry standards, so you can focus your energy and resources on growing your business, knowing your most important assets are protected and secure.

Robust Solutions for any security situation

IT security is more critical than ever before. Protecting your organization’s assets and data are paramount, with cyber attacks and breaches increasing annually. Grey Matter’s cybersecurity expertise provides robust solutions across five key areas. Critical infrastructure, applications, networks, Cloud, and devices/IoT. The rise of smart devices and the “Internet of Things” poses new challenges that most businesses and IT professionals haven’t faced. Grey Matter’s premiere security specialists have the experience and bleeding edge tools to ensure you’ll maintain a strong security posture.

Ensuring the right resources are deployed for each user

Our experts will partner with you and perform a full evaluation of your current security posture, using industry standard metrics such as a Microsoft Security Score. We’ll identify weak points and potential vectors of attack that bad actors could exploit to target your assets. Then we’ll use our deep knowledge of security to help develop a holistic plan, including an identity-based zero trust security scheme. With the proliferation of connected devices, VPN’s, and the “Bring Your Own Device” movement at work, network location can no longer be used as the defining mode of access. We’ll ensure your business adheres to the latest industry standards for identity-based security, so you can operate confidently, knowing only the right people  have access to the right resources on your network.

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Building a technology roadmap for your institution

Email continues to be the number one source of cyberattacks, taking advantage of employees’ lack of knowledge and willingness to open messages that can have damaging results. Grey Matter will work to train your employees and raise their cybersecurity awareness through the use of sophisticated training, and even leverage fake phishing emails that can actively measure how knowledgeable your workforce is when it comes to implementing what they’ve learned. Multiple studies have shown that an organization trained in cybersecurity awareness is far less likely to become the victim of a phishing or malware attack.

Whether you’re looking to shore up specific aspects of your security posture, perform intrusion testing and security training, or perform a full revamp and modernization of your company’s IT security, Grey Matter can help. Spend your time and energy on growing and operating your business, and be confident that your IT assets are well protected.

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Cyber criminals will always look for any weakness within your organization. We’ll help improve cybersecurity and keep you safe from hackers who want access to confidential data, IT resources that they can exploit.

Contact us to see how we can improve your cybersecurity posture and keep your data and IT resources secure.

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